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With everyone, everywhere talking, sharing, streaming online 24/7 – being connected to Fibre Optic Internet is more important than ever before. But, getting that connection can sometimes be a headache. At Connection Kings (CK), we are here to streamline your connection process and fill the void between the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the consumer. We partner with many of South Africa’s largest ISPs to bring you the information you need to make an informed decision and hook you up with the optimal Internet connection. We cater for your specific Internet needs by tailoring your package to meet your speed, budget and contractual requirements. Call us up or pop your details in the section below and we will unbuffer your life.

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What We Offer You

Informed and Unbiased Decision Making

Knowing which ISP and contract to choose can sometimes be a daunting task. CK provides all the necessary information that will assist the customer in finding their optimal package.

Fibre Needs Analysis

CK provides the customer with a full connectivity needs analysis, ensuring that your package will fit your budget, speed and usage requirements.

A Streamlined Connection

We assist the ISPs in connecting the customer to their network and thus CK can provide you with impeccable service and a pleasant, efficient connection process.

Sales Support

CK doesn’t simply facilitate the package sale, we support you through the entire sales process and answer all sales queries. We provide direct telephonic support as well as email correspondence. We are just a phone call/email away from unbuffering your life

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